The art of stillness – Humankind Studios, Brighton


Bring peace and tranquillity into your life. Learn how to pause, improve your mental resilience and calm to your frantic mind with ‘The art of stillness’ the new Kalm Horizons six-week course at Humankind Studios, Brighton.

Each class is an hour

The course of six classes is £75


June 6, 13, 20, 27

July 4, 11

A new mindfulness based wellbeing class in Brighton.

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Join this mindfulness-based wellbeing class in Brighton.


Designed to help calm the mind, ease anxiety and help sleep come more naturally, the class involves some simple breathing techniques, aromatherapy inhalations with essential oil blends, mindfulness meditation, visualisation, affirmations and a gentle discussion at the end about what people felt or noticed (people contribute as much or as little they want).


Some classes include simple guided self-massage.


I use traditional mindfulness with elements of kindness and compassion – all to a soothing soundtrack of ocean waves. One class will introduce elements of sound therapy based on the 432hz wavelength which is deeply relaxing and powerful.


The weekly themes will be:

Be Still

Be Kind


Letting Go


Deep Rest