Kalm Horizons

For people who are tired, stressed, or anxious and want more balance and perspective in their lives

Find your ‘Kalm’


  • Connect with nature and reconnect with yourself
  • Calm and quieten your busy mind
  • Discover the healing power of blue spaces and the therapeutic benefits of the ocean
  • Find a greater sense of peace while exploring new ways to ‘Be Kalm’
  • Gain a new perspective on your life and find balance within
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Sleep more naturally

Kalm Horizons offers a range of coping strategies, one-to-one mindfulness sessions, wave meditations on the beach and immersive wellness experiences by the sea.



One-to-one programmes are individually designed to suits the needs of each client, and can be offered online, in person, at home or in wellness space.



Group or individual meditation classes take place on the beach where we tap into the healing benefits of being by the sea.


Corporate Wellness

Kalm Horizons offers a range of corporate wellness options. From live sessions in nature, on the beach, by a river or lake.

“What a lovely calming experience, being gently guided be Mark truly took away stress and anxiety at a completely different level. Focusing on breathing, the waves, as if hearing them for the first time took me to a place so pure.”
Happy Customer
“Thank you Mark for an awesome meditation experience on Worthing beach. I felt so in touch with the natural environment and came away rejuvenated and with a complete sense of calm. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a reset or could simply benefit from time away from the pressures of every day life.”
Happy Customer

About Mark

Kalm Horizons is my new mindfulness-based wellbeing company that draws on over 14 years’ experience as an international wellness editor, journalist and author.

I know what it’s like to live with stress and anxiety and discovered that mindfulness really helped me.