March 2022 Classes

I will be launching a four-week course at Salt Water Studios starting Tuesday 1 March at 7.30pm. 

Each session begins with a group welcome followed by an aromatherapy inhalation using calming and uplifting essential oils (a different blend for each class). Some guided grounding practices help to bring your attention to the present moment and mindful breath awareness helps to settle the mind. Bringing awareness to the breath we then connect with the body.

The session will include some visualisations, positive affirmations, sound therapy and simple breathwork techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and improve sleep, while calming the mind, body and soul.

I use traditional mindfulness with elements of kindness and compassion – all to a soothing soundtrack of ocean waves. We will visualise being on the beach and meditate to the sound of the waves. 

Class dates: March 2022

The four-week course at Salt Water Studios commences Tuesday 1 March. You can book single classes (£12 each) or the four week course costs £40.

Each class is an hour. 

1 Mar7.30pmBe Still
15 Mar7.30pmHealing Happiness
22 Mar7.30pmBe Calm
29 Mar7.30pmIt’s cool to be kind

Retreats: Immersive Blue Space Experiences

These individual and group sessions follow a more immersive, experiential format. Taking 4-5 hours, these half day retreats begin with a wave meditation to ground and anchor the individual in the blue space, sessions will use guided inquiry to address stress and anxiety while deep diving into the benefits of being by the sea. Combining breath work, aromatherapy, visualisation and sound healing, participants will learn how to connect with the ocean and its healing benefits. These retreats can include a session in the beach sauna, overlooking the sea and an interactive art session with a local artist – you can paint and draw what you see. Paddling or bathing in the sea are optional. The sessions will conclude with gentle conversation about how we feel and experience the sea in our lives while enjoying organic herbal tea infused with polyphenol rich seaweed extract, cooked over hot coals with vegan sweet treats to nurture the soul and spirit.

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24 April2pmSauna on Worthing Beach
24 April4pmSauna on Worthing Beach
8 May2pmSauna on Worthing Beach
8 May2pmSauna on Worthing Beach

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

Jacques Yves Cousteau

What to expect

On arrival at each session I will welcome you and introduce you to other participants.
You will be invited to take a seat and get comfortable. You can sit, stand or lie down.

Each session will include aromatherapy, grounding techniques mindful breath awareness, meditation, visualisation, affirmations and sound therapy.

Each practice will conclude with mindful inquiry. This is a chance to explore the thoughts, feelings and emotions you experienced during the practice. I hold a safe space and its conducted in an open, heartfelt and safe way to help you notice what’s happening in the body, mind and external environment.

It will then explore how to integrate these learnings with self-compassion and see if there are any recurring behaviours or thought patterns that could be changed so you can foster a new relationship with yourself and others.

What to bring

  • A blanket, towel or cushion to sit on.
  • An open mind.