Hi, I’m Mark Smith

Kalm Horizons is my new mindfulness-based wellbeing company that draws on over 14 years’ experience as an international wellness editor, journalist and author.

I know what it’s like to live with stress and anxiety and discovered that mindfulness really helped me.

I have now practiced mindfulness for over a decade and combine my love of the sea with mindfulness, aromatherapy, visualisations, affirmations and simple breathwork techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and improve sleep, while calming the mind, body and soul.

I developed Kalm Horizons to offer people a range of coping strategies to ease stress and anxiety, improve sleep and offer more balance and perspective.

Embracing the healing power of blue spaces and the therapeutic benefits of the ocean, Kalm Horizons will bring a sense of peace to the mind while exploring new ways to ‘Be Kalm’.

“Kalm Horizons is the culmination of my work, travels and study.”

One of the few male spa writers in the world, I have been writing about men’s grooming and wellness for over 20 years. A judge for the Asia Spa Awards and Contributing Editor at European Spa magazine, I visit around 30 spas a year and have also written for Vogue, Tatler, The Daily Telegraph and Men’s Fitness.

My Journey

Close to burnout during the pandemic, I sustained a head injury in June 2020 and my life changed dramatically. Diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome I suffered speech issues, experienced daily persistent headaches, and had trouble concentrating and processing information. I spent a lot of time reflecting on my wellness journey to date and sought solace in mindful meditation practice. During my recovery (which is still ongoing) I decided to change direction to train as a Mindfulness and Compassion teacher. I also left London and moved to Worthing, West Sussex. Living by the sea and embracing cold water swimming, I truly came to understand the healing power of blue space and being in, on and by the sea.

“Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind once again”

Thich Nhat Hanh