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Things to do in Worthing

Since I launched Kalm Horizons in 2021, many people say to me it’s one of the best things to do in Worthing. Relaxing and meditating on the beach really is a unique to connect with nature and soothe stress and ease anxiety. My meditation classes have been designed to embrace the healing benefits of the ocean, or blue spaces. Much has been written about the benefits of being in on and by the sea. With each Kalm Horizons class, you will benefit from this experience and enjoy connecting with the beach, the wind and waves during a wave meditation. 

In each of the classes I take people on a journey with aromatherapy, simple breath work exercise, visual toons, affirmations, sound therapy, wave meditation and then some guided self-massage techniques. The feedback I get from participants is that is helps sleep come more naturally and people find that they are more grounded and relaxed as a result. 

Kalm Horizons on Worthing Beach

Is meditation the best thing to do in Worthing?

Since launching Kalm Horizons in September 2021, I have sought to collaborate with local businesses in Worthing as I feel it’s a great way to do business. Collaborating means sharing ideas, new ways of thinking and different ways of working and connecting. 

As Kalm Horizons is a mindfulness-based wellbeing business, I thought it was only naturally to partner with like-minded businesses and Fire, Salt & Sea, the sauna on Worthing Beach seemed like a natural fit. Built in a former horse box, Fire, Salt & Sea is a wood fired sauna that is located on the beach in Worthing opposite the Burlington Hotel on the promenade. 

Meditation on Worthing Beach

The benefits of sauna

Increases metabolism

Increased blood circulation 

Warms the muscles

Eases aches and pains 

Boosts heart health 

Aids relaxation 

Improves sleep

people on the beach smiling
After a Kalm Horizons session on Worthing Beach

Wellbeing collaborations in Worthing

The collaboration with the sauna on Worthing beach is simple. The session begins with a full Kalm Horizons experience for an hour. Guests then have half an hour to enjoy the sauna, taking a dip in the sea if they wish, then returning to me for tea and home-made cake to conclude. The feedback we receive is always very positive. People love connecting with the beach, jumping in the sea, enjoying the benefits of the sauna and taking time out for some selfcare. It must be one of the best things to do in Worthing for your health and wellbeing. 

Recently, Kalm Horizons has been partnering with an additional wellbeing service at the sauna on Worthing beach. Grace from Apricity Therapy has been offering her mobile massage services during the session. She is a skilled and talented practitioner and her work serves to soothes aches and pain and ease muscle tension. Such great feedback on her massage services. 

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